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Hanging With Liam Neeson

Have you ever had one of those surreal moments where something so amazing is happening that you almost have to pinch yourself? Personally, I love those snippets of time and continuously stay open to the Universe surprising me with cool new adventures. With that in mind, I recently found myself sitting in the middle of the New Mexico desert on a movie set with Liam Neeson. 

It was a fun and spontaneous series of events that led me there, and all I can say is WOW ~ What a ride!

People often ask, "How do you do things like that?" And the truth is - I believe. I believe in energy. I believe in listening to my intuition. I believe in staying open to fun possibilities. I believe that ANYTHING is possible ~ and so I find myself continuously thrown into mind-blowing situations that often turn out better than I could possibly imagine. 

That said, one other major factor in creating and allowing amazing experiences into my life is ACTION. It's wonderful being led by my intuition - but these types of situations wouldn't happen if I didn't follow through with action steps. I received the invitation, booked the flight, made accommodation and then made the trek to the desert with an open mind and no expectations. 

That, my friend, is the primary recipe for creating the life you want.

~Do you believe that anything is possible in your life? Or do you tell yourself, 'It can't happen to me'?

~Do you taken daily action steps toward creating the life you want? Or do you sit back and hope/wish/expect it to just come to you? 

~Do you believe in yourself enough to take a chance on fun new adventures? Or have you given up on your dreams and the infinite possibilities before you?

My hope is that you retain even a glimmer of the spark of life that propels these types of scenarios. Remembering that life will inevitably end for us all, my thought is that we may as well allow ourselves to experience the good stuff along the way. 

What do you say? What mind blowing experience would you like to have? Do you believe? Are you willing to take action to make it happen? 

Adventure awaits! I say we go for it! 

Much love, 

Sarah K. Grace 

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