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Pitfalls Of The New Age Movement

Most people are familiar to varying degrees of the broad and global New Age movement: love and light, starseed and indigo children, crystal bowl sound healing tracks, and all things etheric. This movement began somewhere around the end of the 1960’s and rose to its height in popularity in the 1990’s. It’s still strong in some communities, while offshoots of the concepts can be found in healing communities globally. With good reason! The concepts at the core of the movement can be great! Love, unity consciousness, peace for all beings…

That said, as I’ve cruised from the depths of the 911 systems and entered into the various healing circles, I’ve noticed some commonalities in the New Age community (and many branches) that I couldn’t help but ponder. You see, my paramedic brain is trained to pierce through any given scenario to assess what is happening, what may be about to happen, and what information (if any) is being omitted – then work accordingly. Some of these pervasive but seldom talked about nuances in the healing arts communities stand out to me like a flashing neon sign. While these subtle shadows certainly do not apply to everyone, I’ve experienced them enough to warrant an educated dialogue.

I honestly believe that we are all doing the best that we can. I also feel that our ability to stand fully in our own personal power is in direct proportion to our willingness to take responsibility for all aspects of ourselves. The following list isn’t meant to be judgmental or inflammatory; rather, just to spark an honest and meaningful conversation.

Some Things That I’ve noticed:

1) Cattiness, Exclusivity, and Competition
While many healers profess One love, I’ve occasionally experienced the opposite from some in the healing world. Have you ever felt unwelcomed among healers?

2) Profession of Love & Light, yet Gossiping/Gaslighting Behind the Scenes
Similar to #1, yet unique in that these qualities (to me) have a certain level of poignant cognitive dissonance…

3) Abundance Coaches Who Can’t Pay Their Bills
*Also see healers who are extremely unhealthy. Now, I’m certainly not perfect and get that everyone is doing his or her best. That being said, I’ve noticed a pervasive ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ energy alive in the healing world. It seems that it is so much easier to tell others what to do than to do it ourselves…

4) Flightiness/Lack of Accountability
I get a little nauseated every time I hear, “Yes, I’ll be there… if it’s in the flow” or “Let me check with my angels about that.” To me, this hints at a lack of grounding and an unwillingness to assume personal responsibility.

5) The Whole “This is all an Illusion” Bit
On a meta level, yes, this is a holographic reality of duality comprised of polarities and ego infrastructures that allow us to live independent threads of consciousness. From that perspective life is an illusion. But saying this world isn’t real points to disassociation and avoidance. If you got sucker punched in the face – that would not feel like an illusion, would it?

Is there anything wrong with the New Age or healing arts community’s messages? NO!

These genres are full of full of wonderful people wanting to help out. From what I’ve learned about wellness, it’s that our willingness to bravely address all aspects of our lives, beliefs, and communities allow us to move forward in new, empowered ways. We can choose what we want to create. Healing and wellness thrive when built on a solid foundation. My experience has been that love and light shine most brightly when grounded in the power of our everyday experiences – warts and all. Thank you for reading this!

With love. 

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