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What Happens When We Die - Medical/Expected Death

Death is often a taboo topic. To think of the end of one’s own life requires surrendering everything we’ve known to be certain, and that can be terrifying.  What happens? Where do we go? Will we cease to exist? These are all common questions that people want to know regarding the inevitable process known as death.

 Once again, my insights are gleaned from thirty five years of seeing subtle energy fields, and fourteen years on the streets as a paramedic. Even so, this is only my perspective, not gospel. Please take what resonates with you and discard whatever doesn’t.

I have witnessed the death of many people in many ways – from long, painful, and drawn out disease processes to shockingly abrupt traumas. I myself experienced a near death experience in my twenties...  So, what happens when we die? Do we all go down a tunnel? Is there always a white light? Not necessarily. What I’ve found is that each individual’s death process is unique. Some people are ready and even eager to die, while others experience shock, confusion, and an unwillingness to let go.

While there is no ‘one size fits all’ protocol and there are infinite ways to experience death, I have witnessed commonalities in the format of the soul’s experience post mortem.

 In the Medical/Expected Death:

 As the physical body dies, the ego ~ which is designed to create the construct of this reality through the five senses, gravity, and duality ~ begins dissolving to allow higher levels of energetic awareness. Think of this like the chakra systems 'unbuttoning' - so that higher levels of energetic awareness become visible. This often looks to the dying individual like deceased loved ones, guides, or angels entering the room. The person might say something to family or medical staff, but these comments are often mistaken for an effect of comfort medications. The dying person may also have a sensation of floating above their body and/or have the experience of traveling outside of the room and seeing friends and loved ones in multiple locations simultaneously during this stage of death. 

As respiration and the pulse stop, the dying person's awareness often travels up their vertebral column, through the midbrain, and out the crown of the head. This experience is often described as 'seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.' Not every soul will experience this, and that’s okay! Some people’s souls exit through their chest (heartchakra) which looks more like expanding peacefully beyond the body, while some are traumatically jarred out – which will be addressed in another blog. 


 After death, we feel pretty much the same as we always have – just lighter and pain-free. Think of it like taking off a heavy coat… Who we are, what we like and don’t like, our memories and experiences all stay with us. We are still a thread of consciousness – it’s just that our external experiences have changed. We are no longer limited by gravity or the confines of a body.


Cutting to the chase: 

What happens when we die? Our thread of Consciousness continues on.

Will we cease to exist? Yes as an individual body and no as Conscious Awareness

Will we be alone?  No. We are never alone. Source energy, friends, loved ones, pets, and religious figures will be there to help our integration.

How does medical death differ? Medical/expected death is an organized destabilization and cessation of the physical and energy bodies. The person often exits the crown of their head and experiences the 'light at the end of the tunnel'. Each death is as unique to the individual as their life was - so there is no one size fits all in terms of what happens. Medical deaths are often expected, even welcomed. Traumatic death on the other hand can be very jarring to the soul as they try to make sense of what is happening. I will address that and where you go/what you do after you die in upcoming posts. 

While death can be a touchy subject, it is inevitable for all of us. Since we are guaranteed an exit - I propose that we redirect our fear. Instead, maybe we could channel that same energy into creating our most optimal life experience. 

I welcome your thoughts and comments! Please feel free to share. xo

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