Your Personal Power Guidebook

By Sarah K. Grace

This Guidebook can lead you to back your personal power so that you can reconnect to happiness and create the life you’d always dreamed of living.


• Are You Are Watching Your Life Go By Instead of Living it?
• Do You Feel Disconnected From What You Truly Want?
• Have You Lost Your Happiness and Want To Get It Back?

Then Your Personal Power Guidebook is for YOU!

Sarah K. Grace’s Personal Power Guidebook was written as a result of working with thousands of people who disconnected from themselves as a result of trauma. A licensed paramedic, medical intuitive, and crisis specialist, Sarah recognized that many of her clients had been so overwhelmed by life that they couldn’t remember the basics of who they are and what they like much less what they want out of life. As a result, Sarah created this simple yet potent Guidebook to reconnect to yourself at the foundational level.

The fill in the blank questions are laid out in a simple flowing format. You might find some of them easy, while others are designed to be thought-provoking. Take it at your own pace! Reconnecting to who you were before life got complicated can be incredibly potent. Beautiful mandala artwork has also been included for you to color as a way to bring forth your inner creativity. Be as inspired as you wish!

What People Are Saying

"This workbook is amazing! The questions in this book can apply to anyone dealing with any scenario & is looking to begin their journey of self healing. This book is also a wonderful tool for anyone who is simply looking for some clarity In their life. Sarah Grace’s works are so powerful & fantastic. I have sent this as a present to so many friends & family. Their reviews have been the similar & have helped to begin a serious awakening in some. They have all loved it & thanked me for turning them on to it. They are also buying it for their friends & family. Beautiful, fantastic, therapeutic, simply relaxing & freeing. I’m anxiously awaiting what is next to come from Sarah Grace in this line of such helpful, affordable & accessible type of work."
~Carrie G.


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