Sarah's Books

Journey Into Grace

In this best selling memoir, Sarah K. Grace describes in vivid detail what it's like to be in the trenches of some of California's busiest 911 systems as a psychic paramedic. The prevailing message of overcoming darkness while embracing your own power and gifts has ignited people worldwide! This book is a high intensity, fascinating powerful must read!  


Your Personal Power Guidebook

This 22-page downloadable PDF Guidebook reconnects you to the life you’d always dreamed of living. Put on your favorite music, light some candles or yummy incense and color the mandalas while pondering the though provoking questions that can change your life for the better! 



Holistic PTSD Recovery

For first responders, military and their families.

Suicide is an epidemic among first responders, law enforcement, and members of the military. In the US, more first responders die by suicide than in the line of duty each year. Unfortunately, the problem is getting worse. This book provides clear, practical, powerful holistic tools that our heroes and their families can use to overcome the trauma they face each day.


Holistic PTSD Recovery Workbook

A companion guidebook designed to expedite your recovery. 



Sarah's Audio Courses

GuidedĀ Meditation Series

10 Meditations (10-15 minutes each)

This potent guided (MP3) meditation series is designed for busy people who are looking for an easy way to start meditating. Each meditation has a unique focus - from anxiety and stress relief to powerful energy clearing - these meditations give your system the specific reset that it needs. Relax and follow along as Sarah guides you through visualization exercises to rest, renew and unlock your infinite potential.Ā 




First Responder Meditation Series

Two - 20 Minute MeditationsĀ 

Looking for an easy way to de-stress and handle your PTSD symptoms? These simple yet potent 20 minute guided meditations are designed specifically to teach first responders and military personnel in your life how to offload the trauma and heaviness that they carry. Quick, effective, and accessible - these meditations can be used as powerful tools on your road to recovery.


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