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Sarah's Books

Journey Into Grace

In this thrilling memoir, Sarah K. Grace describes in vivid detail what it's like to be in the trenches of some of California's busiest 911 systems as both a paramedic and highly sensitive clairvoyant/empath.

For well over a decade, Sarah utilized her clairvoyant abilities on critical scenes while transitioning countless souls into death. As if that wasn't intense enough, she secretly struggled to understand and accept the daily barrage of extra-sensory perceptions surrounding her patients, relatives, and self. This book is a true account of how she transitioned her own despair and darkness into the vibrance of empowered light.


Your Personal Power Guidebook

This 22-page downloadable PDF Guidebook can lead you to back your personal power so that you can reconnect to happiness and create the life you’d always dreamed of living.

Sarah K. Grace’s Personal Power Guidebook was written as a result of working with thousands of people who disconnected from themselves as a result of trauma. A licensed paramedic, medical intuitive, and crisis specialist, Sarah recognized that many of her clients had been so overwhelmed by life that they couldn’t remember the basics of who they are and what they like much less what they want out of life. As a result, Sarah created this simple yet potent Guidebook to reconnect to yourself at the foundational level.


Sarah's Audio Course

First Responder Meditation Series

Two - 20 minute meditations 

Looking for an easy way to de-stress and handle your PTSD symptoms? These simple yet potent 20 minute guided meditations are designed specifically to teach first responders and military personnel how to offload the trauma and heaviness that they carry. Quick, effective, and accessible - these meditations can be used as powerful tools on your road to recovery


Complete Audio Meditation Series

This potent meditation series is designed for busy people with limited time and each meditation has a unique focus so you get the total reset your system needs quickly and powerfully.

Drop in with Sarah as she guides you through visualization and energy clearing exercises to unlock your infinite potential and learn techniques to overcome your challenges, rediscover your personal power, rest, realign, rejuvenate, and feel good!


Sarah's Supplements

Trauma Recovery and PTSD Support Supplement

This Ayurvedic herbal blend is designed to help combat symptoms of trauma and PTSD by soothing your nervous system, grounding anxious energy and calming the mind. Safe, natural, and non-addictive - this gentle formula can help reset your system gradually so you can get back to feeling good. 


Empath Herbal Super Blend

Herbal blend hand picked by me, for you! 


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