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Psychic Empowerment & Trauma Recovery To Become Who You Truly Are.

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Sometimes life gets so dark, heavy & mixed up that you feel like you just can't go on. Today's culture can be exhausting - endless competition, very little appreciation & even less connection. Addiction, trauma & disease are often the result. It can be even worse when you are energetically sensitive by nature. 

Do you feel it?

That chasm of stress, isolation and overwhelm? 

Soul fatigue and burnout? 

The sense there is more to life than we are taught? 

 I get it and I'm here to help.

Using my paramedic background and intuitive gifts, I bridge the mainstream with holistic & energetic worlds to provide full spectrum healing so that you can overcome pain, heal trauma, embrace your inner power and psychic/intuitive abilities.

Not only can you feel better, you can also be happy, have a better life, and thrive in the fullness of your potential. 

Speaking Engagements
Healing Session

“I’m really sensitive to energy and always felt overwhelmed. Sarah helped me learn to deal with it all in a positive way. She helped me get my life back.” 


Teaching Sensitives to Utilize Their Gifts & Trauma Survivors to Heal Fully.


Sarah K. Grace used her psychic abilities while working as a paramedic in the busy California 911 system for 15 years. Helping countless people through extreme crisis & death, she became a specialist in physical & energetic support during people's worst moments. Sarah is now a best selling author, sought after speaker and renowned intuitive healer. 

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Sarah saved my life. I was in a really dark place but her words gave me insight into who, why, and how I am… I felt seen and accepted for the first time. Then she gave me a program with tools, books and supplement suggestions so I can move forward in my life in a new way.” 


Speaking Engagements 




Speaking Engagements 

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I have your back. Whether you have been on your energetic & healing journey for years or are just starting out, I can help you. 

I was isolated & ashamed as a result of being able to see, hear and feel energy outside the normal senses since the age of seven. Not knowing how to function in this world as a result, I went down the road of addiction with drugs and alcohol in order to cope.

It wasn't until I cleaned up and used those abilities in the 911 system as a paramedic to help countless people through crisis and death that I was able to face my trauma and step into my power.

If you don't know where to begin & feel overwhelmed, I get it. I've been all the way down to the bottom and healed my way back up. You can too.    

  • Best Selling Author 'Journey Into Grace: Tales of a Psychic Paramedic'
  • Featured on NPR, Coast To Coast, Hay House Radio & New Living Expo
  • 20+ years as a Licensed Paramedic
  • Widely Sought After Intuitive Healer 


When you know you need a shift but just can’t seem to get there, Sarah is the person who can help you break through.” 


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