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Bridging Western Medicine & Energy Medicine for Maximum Healing Power

Heal the root - don't just treat your symptoms!

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Sarah K. Grace is a Licensed Paramedic, Medical Intuitive, and Best-Selling Author as heard on Hayhouse Radio and NPR


Holistic PTSD Recovery

Tools To Un-F*ck Yourself

For First-Responders, Military, and Their Families

Suicide is an epidemic among first responders, law enforcement, and military veterans. In the US, more first responders die by suicide than in the line of duty each year. Unfortunately, the problem is getting worse. This book provides clear, practical, powerful holistic tools that our heroes can use to overcome the trauma they face each day.

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Sarah's Critically Acclaimed Book

”This book is a high intensity, fascinating, and powerful must read!" - Nancy Levin, Hay House

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About Sarah K. Grace

Sarah K. Grace is a powerful and dynamic individual who spent over a decade merging her career as a paramedic in some of California’s busiest 911 systems with her innate gifts as a medical intuitive and clairvoyant healer. Combining Western and Energy Medicine, Sarah spent years studying both physical and energy anatomy while applying her skills in critical settings to thousands of patients as they dealt with life and death emergencies.

Sarah is now a sought after author, speaker, and healer who bridges western medicine with holistic healing. She teaches people how to heal the root of their trauma by providing step-by-step guidance and powerful healing sessions. Sarah has worked with thousands of first responders and other people worldwide as they integrate PTSD, overcome addiction, rediscover their personal power, and step into their intuitive gifts.

Sarah is a vibrant person who employs quick wit and dry humor to connect with her clients. She pulls from her own experience to lead by example that full recovery from trauma and addiction is not only possible, but also that intuitive gifts can be the key to an extraordinary life.


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"As a physician, logic and reason are imperative. After many years of practice, I realized I could sense disease in the body. Not understanding ‘why’, I began to research and was introduced to Sarah’s work. With her background as a paramedic, I trusted that she was capable of discerning fact from fantasy. During our time together I came to understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of my intuitive abilities, as well as ways to maximize their positive effects in my practice. Highly recommended."

Douglas R. MD

"Working with Sarah drastically changed my life for the better. I've always been sensitive to energy, but now I finally know how to deal with it. I'm no longer a victim of my past or of the energy I see and feel - instead, I am strong, clear, grounded, and excited to create a life of limitless possibility. "

Emily G.

"I was active duty military and a first responder. I've struggled with PTSD and didn't want to go the typical medication route. Sarah helped me through some of the worst times of my life and gave me hope. "

Ryan S.

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My channel is dedicated to the personal empowerment and recovery of those living with High Sense Perception, intuitive gifts, PTSD, addiction, and trauma. Grounded. Raw. Real. No filter. Only practical tools to help you unf*ck yourself and live your best life. Come play with me!


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