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911 for Empaths

This potent yet practical course is designed to be a survival guide for sensitives. If you are an empath looking for easy tools that go beyond the industry basics, make sense,  and actually work ~ you've come to the right place!  

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How to Not Take On Other People's Energy

Are you an empath, energetically sensitive person, or caregiver seeking to reclaim control over your energy and find empowerment in your unique gifts? This is for you! Join Sarah K. Grace's online course, How to Not Take on Other People's Energy, and embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and energetic liberation.

 This course is thoughtfully crafted to cater to empaths, energetically sensitive individuals, and caregivers.

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Meditation Series Library

Wellness Mediation Series

10 Meditations (10-15 minutes each)

This powerful guided (MP3) meditation series is designed for busy people who are looking for an easy way to start meditating. Each meditation has a unique focus, from anxiety and stress relief to powerful energy clearing. These meditations give your system the specific reset that it needs. Relax and follow along as Sarah guides you through visualization exercises to rest, renew and unlock your infinite potential.
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First Responder Meditation Series

Two - 20 Minute Meditations 

Looking for an easy way to de-stress and handle your PTSD symptoms? These simple yet potent 20 minute guided meditations are designed specifically to teach first responders and military personnel how to offload the trauma and heaviness that they carry. Quick, effective, and accessible - these meditations can be used as powerful tools on your road to recovery.
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“I can’t speak highly enough of Sarah, and strongly recommend you gift yourself an experience with her. It’s an invitation to see all the beauty you have to live for.” 


I have your back. Whether you have been on your energetic & healing journey for years or are just starting out, I can help you. 


I was isolated & ashamed as a result of being able to see, hear and feel energy outside the normal senses since the age of seven. Not knowing how to function in this world as a result, I went down the road of addiction with drugs and alcohol in order to cope.

It wasn't until I cleaned up and used those abilities in the 911 system as a paramedic to help countless people through crisis and death was I able to face my trauma and step into my power.

If you don't know where to begin & feel overwhelmed, I get it. I've been all the way down to the bottom and healed my way back up. You can too.   

  • Best Selling Author “Journey Into Grace: Tales of a Psychic Paramedic”
  • 20 years as a Licensed Paramedic
  • Helped thousands of people overcome trauma, addiction, & disease. 

            “A healthy outside starts from the inside and this group helped me get there."

-  Jaime R.

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