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Books by Sarah K. Grace

Journey Into Grace

In this best-selling memoir, Sarah K. Grace describes in vivid detail what it's like to be in the trenches of some of California's busiest 911 systems as a psychic paramedic. The prevailing message of overcoming darkness while embracing your own power and gifts has ignited people worldwide! This book is a high-intensity, fascinating powerful must-read!  

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Your Personal Power Guidebook

This Guidebook helps you clarify who you are & what you want. Put on your favorite music, light some candles or yummy incense and color the mandalas while pondering the though provoking questions that can change your life for the better! 

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Holistic PTSD Recovery

For first responders, military, and their families.

Suicide is an epidemic among first responders, law enforcement, and members of the military. In the US, more first responders die by suicide than in the line of duty each year. Unfortunately, the problem is getting worse. This book provides clear, practical, powerful holistic tools that our heroes and their families can use to overcome the trauma they face each day.

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Holistic PTSD Recovery Workbook

A companion guidebook designed to expedite your recovery. 

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“I read Journey Into Grace in one sitting - Absolutely couldn't put it down."

D. Lafferty

I have your back. Whether you have been on your energetic & healing journey for years or are just starting out, I can help you. 


I was isolated & ashamed as a result of being able to see, hear and feel energy outside the normal senses since the age of seven. Not knowing how to function in this world as a result, I went down the road of addiction with drugs and alcohol in order to cope.

It wasn't until I cleaned up and used those abilities in the 911 system as a paramedic to help countless people through crisis and death was I able to face my trauma and step into my power.

If you don't know where to begin & feel overwhelmed, I get it. I've been all the way down to the bottom and healed my way back up. You can too.    

  • Best Selling Author 'Journey Into Grace: Tales of a Psychic Paramedic'
  • Featured on NPR, Coast To Coast, Hay House Radio & New Living Expo
  • 20+ years as a Licensed Paramedic
  • Widely Sought After Intuitive Healer 


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