Ready To Have Your World Rocked?

Sarah offers a select number of in-person healing sessions at her office in Northern California. Reputed as one of the top in her field, Sarah’s specialty is ‘psychic surgery’ - a highly specialized modality that has been known to restore body, mind, and emotions to homeostasis through vibrational realignment.


Here's What To Expect

During an in-person session, you rest and relax as Sarah uses her broad skillset to assess your physical and energetic bodies before clearing, balancing, and realigning any areas of imbalance or dis-ease. Utilizing her expertise in psychic surgery, she can work with or without touch – depending on client needs and sensitivities. Upon completion of the powerful treatment, she then gives practical homework and tools for the client to implement in their everyday lives. This allows people to become actively engaged in their own healing process.

Thousands of people have reported tremendous breakthroughs, healing, and renewed sense of purpose as a result of working in-person with Sarah. She has been called the     ‘real deal’ and has the unique capacity to help people who are on the brink of death, at rock bottom, who are heavily addicted, dealing spiritual emergencies/psychic attacks, or who just want help managing their life and gifts.

Due to the high demand of her work, space is limited. Book your sessions today!

*Please note that once you register and send payment, staff will contact you promptly to set up your session time!


"I am a 70-year-old active baby boomer with no plans to settle down in retirement. My longest running physical ailment has been low back pain since I was 25 years old. While working in construction, I routinely carried 95 lb. sacks of cement. One especially busy day, I lifted the last of 120 sacks and suddenly couldn’t stand up. The pain was excruciating. Since that time, I never know when my back would “go out” and no doctor, chiropractor, or energy worker has been able to effect a lasting change… until Sarah Grace. The talent she has as an energy worker is real. I saw her twice and with the inclusion of a few simple stretching exercises I am pain-free and can move better than I have in 30 years. Anyone who has similar issues needs to give Sarah a try. Besides being the sweetest human imaginable, she is direct, blunt, articulate, and because of her EMS training, very knowledgeable about how the human body works. Lastly let me say that beyond the professionalism of her work, she is really fun to work with and the results are life-changing. Thank you, Sarah Grace, for doing what you do. I can never repay what you’ve given me."

Bruce Bell

"Working with Sarah marked the beginning of my Spiritual Path, and since our time together my life has changed drastically for the better. I've always been sensitive to energy, but now I finally know how to deal with it. I'm no longer a victim of my past or of the energy I see and feel - instead, I am strong, clear, grounded, and excited to create a life of limitless possibility. Thank you, Sarah, for helping me through my trauma and back into my power!"

Emily G.

"I have had the opportunity to work with Sarah multiple times and each time has left me feeling more empowered with the Awareness of who I am, as well as what is blocking my fullest expression. She is fully Present with you when working with the multiple layers of information available to her. It is truly shocking when she reveals just how much detailed information she gets. With each session I walked away with what I consider the most important element of being here now – a more grounded connection with my Soul so that I can now fulfill my purpose. I would gladly work with her time and time again."


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