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Clairaudient Quiz

Clairaudience ~ or ‘clear hearing’ might be one of the most misunderstood of all intuitive gifts. Clairaudience is the ability to clearly hear higher wisdom that comes to you externally or internally. This means that you can hear in your mind as well as your ears. Many clairaudients are already using their abilities without even knowing it. Clairaudient abilities can come in as ringing in your ears (tinnitus), changes of pressure in your ears like popping or buzzing noises ~ or you may even begin to hear voices. If that happens, don’t freak out. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re crazy.

Our western culture’s catch phrase for mental illness is ‘hearing voices.’ That frightens many gifted people. The main differences between being clairaudient and having a mental illness are quite clear. Clairaudient people can learn to control these voices, while the mentally ill are often at their whim. Spirit voices also tend to not be constant, but are more brief and to the point. Spirit voices often engage a dialogue with you, answering questions that you have and providing feedback. Spirit voices do not suggest harmful behavior. Spirit voices are gentle, safe, rational, and usually quite compassionate. With clairaudience, you also have the gift of clear speaking, meaning you can channel the messages you hear from Spirit to others.

Are you curious if you are clairaudient? Take the following quiz! A score of 0-5 shows limited capacity, 6-10 means some clairaudient ability, and 11-15 indicates definite gifts.

 1) I am particularly gifted at music.      Y/N

 2) I can hear the faintest sounds clearly.     Y/N

 3) I have a knack for creating melodies and song writing.     Y/N

 4) I often hear buzzing, crackling, or popping in my ears.      Y/N

 5) I sometimes hear a voice that gives me specific guidance.     Y/N

 6) I often hear what sounds like radio frequencies.     Y/N

 7) I sometimes hear a spoken voice that no one else hears.     Y/N

 8)  I can create music in my mind and then bring it into existence.    Y/N

 9) I have a knack for picking up dialects and different languages.     Y/N

 10) I am sometimes distracted by the noises that I hear.     Y/N

 11) I can hear voices speaking different languages to me.     Y/N

 12) I can tell and sometimes hear what someone is thinking.     Y/N

 13) I am perplexed by my ability to hear things.     Y/N

 14) I don’t want to say anything for fear of being judged as ‘crazy’.   Y/N

 15) I know that I’m sane and am just looking for a way to make sense of what I hear.     Y/N

 How did you do? I look forward to hearing about your results!

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