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Here we are! We made it to the third part of this series. Yay! My hope is that you have gained insight regarding many of the physical and mental characteristics of being empathic, and feel more empowered moving forward. Now we will evaluate common emotional characteristics of an empath/sensitive person.

First off, I just want to say to all the sensitive people out there that I totally understand and empathize with how challenging it can be to live with high sense perception. For instance, there you...

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Why Is Everybody Suddenly An Empath?

Have you noticed a dramatic increase in the last five or so years of people calling themselves empaths? Me too! It’s got me thinking, “What exactly is an empath, and where did they all come from?”

What were they up to before? Are people just now waking up to their emotional experiences and really relating to what it’s like to feel things deeply? My little paramedic brain finds this trend fascinating and wonders why is it just now that everyone seems to be coming out as an empath....

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