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Physical Attributes of an Empath/Sensitive Person

By this stage of the game, I’m grateful to be able to say that I’ve utilized my abilities to assess the physical and energetic bodies of thousands of people – both on the ambulance and in my private practice. I have had countless clients come to me because they feel things very deeply, and they can’t seem to separate their own emotions from those of other people. They want to feel better, but don’t know exactly how to do it.

Thinking back, I’ve noticed some...

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How To Tell If You Are Absorbing Other People’s Energy

One of top questions I’m asked is ‘How do I know if I’m absorbing other people’s energy?’  The next question is always, ‘How can I stop doing that?” 

One way to tell that you are taking on and retaining other people’s energy is the state of your physical body. If you are physically heavy, chronically lethargic, have GI, endocrine, or nervous system issues, or if you are emotionally unstable, there is a good chance that you’re...

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