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Claircognizance Quiz

 Claircognizance is the intuitive ability of clear knowing.

People that have natural claircognitive abilities are often very smart, logical, enjoy thinking things out and frequently get ideas that suddenly pop into their head. The difference between regular everyday thinking and claircognizance, is that claircog information doesn’t fit within your standard thought stream. It comes in a flash – like a light bulb. Claircognizance input can also be persistent, but most of the time it’s a sudden stroke of insight.

Claircognizance can pertain to past, present, or future information. It’s a bit different than precognition though, which tends to be the more specialized ability of ‘knowing what’s going to happen before it does.’ Many historical geniuses have demonstrated both claircognizance and precognition. Nicholi Tesla, Albert Einstein, and even Elon Musk all demonstrated ‘just knowing’ things. This ability appears to be prevelant throughout our society and it could be said that many people who have it are not even aware.

Are you curious if you are claircognizant? Take this quiz to find out! A score of 0-5 indicates minor affect, 6-10 indicates presence of the ability, and 11-15 is a clear indication of the gift.

1) I am highly intelligent and value intelligence in others.    Y/N

 2) I am prone to analytical thinking.   Y/N

 3) I have an insatiable desire to understand complex concepts.   Y/N

 4) People often ask me for advice.   Y/N

 5) I have a knack for working out logistics.   Y/N

 6) I seem to ‘know’ things about people.   Y/N

 7) I often have flashes of brilliant new ideas.   Y/N

 8) I enjoy brain puzzles and problem solving.   Y/N

 9) I have a good sense of direction & can navigate myself in new areas easily.   Y/N

 10) I like to read.   Y/N

 11) I have an excellent memory.   Y/N

12) I like technology and gadgets.   Y/N

13) I get excited when I get to the bottom of how things work.   Y/N

14) I have a photographic memory.   Y/N

15) I have been told that I am too harsh or analytical.    Y/N

 How did you do?! I look forward to hearing your results.

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