Clairvoyant Quiz

Jan 23, 2022

 Clairvoyance or 'clear seeing' is the ability to see energy, color, vibration, data or information outside of the normal senses. 

Have you ever wondered if you are clairvoyant? Take this quiz to find out! A score of 0-5 indicates minor affect, 6-10 indicates presence of the ability, and 11-15 is a clear indication of the gift.

 1) I can see auras, colors, or energy fields around people.   Y/N

 2) I have a wonderful sense of design.  Y/N

 3) I often have waking visions/premonitions.  Y/N

 4) I can see the molecular structure of plants and trees.   Y/N

 5) I often have lucid dreams.  Y/N

 6) I can picture what something will look like before it’s done.     Y/N

 7) I can see disease/imbalance in people’s bodies.   Y/N

 8) I can see energy field interactions of plants, animals, & humans.   Y/N

 9) I am very creative.   Y/N

 10) I love bright colors.  Y/N

 11) I sometimes see spirits, angels, or entities.  Y/N

 12) I can see tracers of light behind people’s movements.     Y/N

 13) I can see the letters of the words coming out of people’s mouths as they speak.     Y/N

 14) I am prone to headaches and feeling spacey.     Y/N

15) It can be hard to concentrate with all the visual stimulus.     Y/N

How did you do? I look forward to hearing the results! 


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