How To Tell If You Are Absorbing Other People’s Energy

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One of top questions I’m asked is ‘How do I know if I’m absorbing other people’s energy?’  The next question is always, ‘How can I stop doing that?” 

One way to tell that you are taking on and retaining other people’s energy is the state of your physical body. If you are physically heavy, chronically lethargic, have GI, endocrine, or nervous system issues, or if you are emotionally unstable, there is a good chance that you’re ‘holding’ trapped energy.

Another good indication is if your disposition all of the sudden shifts as a result of another’s mood. Say you’re happy as a clam until an angry person walks by and you abruptly become angry; or perhaps you take on the physical pain of another after being around them. That’s transference.

 Please understand that the auric field is like a semi-permeable membrane that has thousands of energetic transmissions flowing through it every day. It’s natural to have the energy of others moving through our body. Whether or not we retain it is another thing…

 Of the countless people I’ve worked with, I have yet to meet someone (including myself) who hasn’t had energy stuck in their field somewhere. Even people who have no idea what being empathic means are prone. As far as I can tell energy coagulating in the body is part of being human, especially when we delve into subconscious manifestations.

 While most everyone has energy trapped in their body to varying degrees, empaths and sensitives can often feel it while more mainstream people are typically unaware. My experience is that empaths complain of feeling ‘heavy energy’ while non-sensitives often provide a physical complaint like back ache, neck tightness, insomnia etc. What they are describing typically has the same energetic origin. J


 ~If you are one of 15-20% of the population who are energetically sensitive, you are likely more aware of the energy you’re retaining

 ~If you identify as sensitive or empathic, stuck energy will likely seem more pervasive to you than to the non-sensitive

 ~If you are disassociated from your body for any reason, energy coagulates and stays in your field

 ~If you have unhealed core wounds, energy will stay in your body as an invitation to address them

 ~If you live in the quantum or astral planes more than the tangible reality, energy lodges and stays in the body

 Are you picking up what I’m putting down? Most everyone retains energy in their body and energy field, but empaths often feel it more than non-sensitives. Regardless of sensitivity, my observation has been that the amount of energy that stays in the body is in direct correlation with the willingness to own your power, heal core wounds, live in the body, and accept things as they are.  Now you know!

 Next week, we’ll go over simple ways stop taking on all that energy and feel better! For more info on all this goodness plus easy #EmpathHacks, subscribe to my YouTube channel!


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