Ten Minute Happiness Exercise

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Here’s something I do on a regular basis to connect with my own vitality and happiness (since it’s often easy to forget what feeling good feels like when life gets crazy).

1. Sit or lie quietly with your eyes closed.
2. Take a few deep breaths and relax your body.
3. Think of a memory or time in your life where you felt really happy
(Like – laughing so hard your tummy hurts).
4. This may take a moment so be patient as you sift through the so-so memories.
5. Once you find it, focus on remembering what it actually FEELS LIKE to be happy. 
~How did your body feel?
~Your brain?

This is very important as it allows the emotion to reengage the cellular tissue while simultaneously stimulating a dopamine release and pathway modification in the brain.
During this part of the exercise I often find that I can hang for a few minutes in ‘happy land’ before the wiring in my brain causes my thoughts to slide back toward the mundane or old ‘whoa is me’ patterns. That’s normal.

It’s also normal, if you’ve been down in the dumps for a long time, to have a hard time feeling what it was like to be happy even if you have a memory of it. Engaging these understandings are the point of this exercise – to gauge where you’re at and begin to shift it.

Most all of us have the capacity to feel innate happiness and vitality, it’s just that the neuro-synaptic patterns of our brain get used to repetitive everyday thoughts – which are often negative.

So that’s what we feel.
And then create.
And then believe.
See the cycle?

Taking ten minutes once a day (or as often as you’d like) to purposely challenge the old wiring of your brain hands you the key to creating an entirely new outlook on life. It just takes time and practice. Repetition builds new pathways in the brain so that eventually it becomes easier to tap into the good stuff more easily.

I often do the same exercise also substituting radiant health, vitality, abundant mindset, calm, energetic balance, or whatever perspective I’d like to create more of in my life! It’s quick, it’s potent, and it works!

Much love!


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